Ankle Physical Therapy in Sauk City WI

Hi, my name is Michele Hopp, and I live in Merrimac, Wisconsin. And I broke my ankle at church, and so that brought me to Meriter, and from there I was given the option of going to a rehab center. The recommendation was one in Madison, but I wanted to be closer to home. So my husband has been in Maplewood several times, so I knew how good it was and I knew that it would be like home.

And that’s exactly what I found, that the staff are fantastic, your schedule is flexible. If you want to go to church, which is awesome that it’s even offered, then you can go to therapy at a later time. If you don’t feel like having your breakfast now, they’ll wait a little bit. So it has been incredibly flexible and very, very friendly. The staff are friendly, they’re loving. It feels like you are at home.

And we also have the opportunity to get to know the residents. So in our dining hall we put all of the tables together as one table, we eat as a family and get to know one another, and then we wanted to hang out with each other. So we’re exchanging phone numbers and addresses now that it’s time to go, and I think I created new friends, so I’d highly recommend coming to Maplewood.