Nate and Tonya Yngsdal are known to brighten the world for many people.  They understand the value in making a person feel special.

The Yngsdals recently assisted the Madison Coummunity Youth Group with their mission to help the homeless.  Armed with a box of items to keep a person warm, a nutritious meal and over-the-counter medical supplies donated by their employer, Maplewood of Sauk Prairie, they were able to make a difference with the forgotten few who do not have a house to call home.

At Cement Park, located on State Street, a table was set up and a spaghetti meal was served from Nescos.  Those in need were able to get a warm meal and take a "snack bag" that was filled with a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich, string cheese, grapes and a cookie.  Other items to ward off the cold were offered such as blankets, hats, gloves and coats.

They found out the importance of ibuprofen – to ease muscles aches after sleeping on a cement bench, Chapstick – to protect lips from cracks caused by the coled and back packs – to allow a person to blend in.  With a back pack to hold wordly posssessions, one can simply be a person riding the bus to get somewhere, rather than someone needing to stay warm.

After working with the homeless, Nate said it was a reality check and he appreciates everything a lot more.  He has seen how an illness or loss of a job can change a person's life.  He knows he is among the fortunate who has a warm home, food in the refrigerator and many othe modern conveniences to go home to.

There is something fundamentally important about reconnecting at the dinner table, "explains Karen Volker, Maplewood Village Manager.  "Today the pace in which we live our lives does not always include having the whole family present for a meal.  It is diabolically different from the child rearing days of our tenants."

The Maplewood Village family recently shared a day of reconnecting in a style the tenants would have done in their youth… with a Valentine's brunch – around the dinner table.  These once masters of the kitchen, creatively decorated homemade cookies and planned a brunch that was shared with those they love.

October starts preparation for Maplewood's annual Bazaar which is held the first weekend in December.  Early preparations in crafting include making bath salts, seeded-peanut butter pine cones for the birds and hand made decorations.  As December draws nearer, homemade candies, cookies and breads are stirred up to be sold at the Bazaar.  The monies collected from this event are used according to the resident's wishes.

To the residents, an important use of the money is the ability to give back to the community.  This year a significant donation was given to "The Children's Wish Foundation" which is an organization that grants a wish to a child with a life threatening medical condition.  The wish could be a special toy, to visit a faraway location or a hug to a beloved celebrity.

"Being able to help another person out, especially a child, hits a soft spot with me," states resident, Robert Slotty.  "I can only imagine the smile on the little girl's face as she experiences on of their dreams.  That memory alone can make the tough times she's going through bearable.  I'm thankful the money made from the Bazaar allows me to "pay it forward" to someone else.  It's a good Feeling."

The impact for recovery and future quality of life is defined by the Skilled Nursing Facility you select for post hospital rehabilitation.  The right rehabilitation team is a critical component to your transition back home.

For those with orthopedic injuries, joint replacement, stroke and neurological conditions, cardiac-related challenges, wound care, oncology care, pulmonary impairment and diabetes management, choosing the right rehabilitation team is the best way home after a hospital stay.

The role of a Skilled Nursing Home, SNH, has significantly changed.  In the past, care was primarily provided for chronically ill or disabled seniors.  Today, the role of a SNH has expanded to include a rehabilitation center – which once was the hospital's responsibility.

Maximizing recovery and having a chance of returning home to a meaningful lifestyle boils down to the rehab team.  Just as a parent would interview candidates to find the best daycare for their child, it is important to tour rehab facilities to find the right fit.  Undoubtedly, cleanliness and safety are relevant criteria; however, rehabilitation goes beyond aesthetics. 

When selecting a skilled nursing facility with rehabilitation services, ask the Administrator, Director of Nursing or Social Services Liaison specifics about rehabilitation outcomes.  Find a SNH that has:

1.  Strong track record for rehabilitation success using quantifiable data.  From admission to discharge, therapists will be able to show the amount of progress patients make through rehabilitation and how many patients have been treated for a specific condition.

2.  An array of different equipment.  To properly train the brain and body, it is beneficial to have a variety of approaches.  Utilizing different equipment each day helps a person strengthen different parts of the body for overall improvement.

3.  Consistency & longevity of staff.  Low turnover means that the staff is not starting over each day, trying to learn what the patient needs.  It is a seamless transition that builds on the patient's progress toward being able to care for his/herself.  Experienced therapists are a deep resource of skills and knowledge.

4.  Nursing and therapy staff that work together.  It's a natural flow of care when therapists and care-takers work together.  Everyone is on the same page, which allows the nursing staff to encourage patients to practice skills they've learned tin therapy during routine activities such as bathing, dressing, eating and personal hygiene.

5.  Has an actual kitchen to practice skills.  For those with higher independent skills, they can simulate cooking and laundry tasks.  For instance, when preparing a meal, they can practice placement of a walker when reaching into a cupboard or an oven.

6.  Offer home assessments.  Therapists help patients and families prepare to manage care at home.

During rehabilitation, there are 3 different therapies available for a patient:  physical, occupational and speech.  Through speech therapy, cognition and swallowing are areas of focus.  The ability to communicate allows a person to say what a person needs, even if they can't physically do it.  Most people appreciate the importance of mobility, such as the ability to walk; which is part of physical therapy.  However, what prevents most people from going home with the assistance of a caregiver is the patient's ability to complete his/her own toilet hygiene.  Occupational therapy focuses on getting someone to return to the previous level of function in daily living such as: bathing, dressing and grooming.  An advanced level of therapy includes restoring the ability to shop, cook and clean.

Maplewood in Sauk City, WI, is a proven leader in rehabilitation.  All three therapies are available to  help restore a patient's previous level of independence.

Welcome to Our New Maplwood of Sauk Prairie Website!

We are please to show off our new website that we have developed and launched on March 1, 2013.

maplewood sauk prairie websiteAt Maplewood, our goal is to provide our residents, their families, and the community with a way to interact with us and to share a small glimpse of the type of services that we provide.

We are constantly striving to provide exceptional care in a warm and loving environment.

Our new website features a variety of options:

Our Services

You'll be able to read about the various services that we offer including skilled nursing, rehabilitation, memory care, long term care, respite care and hospice care.

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You'll be able to take a look inside the wonderful community that we have built at Maplewood.

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View the various pictures that include our staff, our activities and the community that we offer here.

Community Partnerships

Review the community partnerships that we have developed, allowing us to serve our community in best way possible.

These are some of the features that we are now offering through our new and improved website. 

We hope that you enjoy it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 608-643-3383