Cardiac Rehabilitation

The term cardiac rehabilitation is most often used in reference to recovery from a heart attack; however there are several other instances in which this type of rehabilitation can be beneficial.  People who have conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF) or peripheral vascular disease (PVD) as well as those who have had procedures such as angioplasty, valve replacement, or bypass surgery, may benefit from cardiac rehabilitation.The purpose of cardiac rehabilitation is to learn to manage your heart disease or other cardiac problem to be able to function at your highest level.  Goals of cardiac rehabilitation include:  learning how to exercise safely, while increasing your tolerance to activity and reducing stress.

Your rehabilitation at Maplewood is a team effort to restore your quality of life and help you remain independent.  Partnering with your Cardiac Rehabilitation team, you will create an individualized plan that will strengthen your heart muscle, reduce your risk for future heart problems and improve your muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.

Once the rehab team determines what level of exercise is safe for you, they will find muscle-strengthening activities that you enjoy.  It starts with range-of-motion exercises and advances to an increased activity level, which will eventually become your new way of life!

During your recovery and rehabilitation, nurses are monitoring your condition, while maintaining frequent contact with your physician.

Because your entire day cannot be spent completing rehabilitation exercises, Maplewood’s friendly and creative activity staff is there to help you maintain an active social life, entertain you and keep your mind engaged.  Visitors are welcomed and encouraged at any time during your stay—Maplewood’s staff realizes that friends and family are important for your recovery.