Stroke Rehabilitation

The staff at Maplewood is well aware that suffering a stroke can change essentially every aspect of your life. Your ability to walk, talk, eat and even interact with loved ones may all be affected when a stroke occurs.

Our rehabilitation and nursing services at Maplewood are ready to assist you on the road to recovery.  We will help you to regain function and mobility, while ensuring safety in the post-stroke period.  In Maplewood’s rehabilitation program, you will engage in a coordinated, intensive program of rehabilitation services often involving at least 3 hours of active therapy, 5 to 6 days a week.

We offer expert physical, occupational and speech therapy services.  Our physical therapists will assist you in regaining as much mobility as possible, while our occupational therapists will help you regain your abilities to complete everyday tasks such as dressing as independently as possible and learning to manage personal care needs that may be impacted by motor or sensory loss.  For those who suffer a stroke in which speech or swallowing is affected, our speech therapists will help you regain your ability to communicate effectively as well as return to a normal diet.  In addition, our Rehabilitative Services Department will assure that you have access to our specialized equipment and a full range of therapists specializing in post-stroke rehabilitation.  Our goal is to help you overcome or minimize the challenges of your stroke and return to a more active and independent life.

Therapists, nurses and nursing assistants assist you daily to achieve your goals.  Our nursing staff offers a comprehensive range of medical services including:  physician supervision of your care, laboratory and medication monitoring, and minimizing risk factors that can lead to a subsequent stroke.

Maplewood’s home-like environment will make you as comfortable as possible during your stay.  Family and friends can be critical during your recovery.  To the extent you desire they are always welcome to visit and be involved in your care and rehabilitation.

Should you or a loved one experience the challenge of a stroke, Maplewood’s dedicated care team stands ready to join you on the road to recovery.