Injury Care

Whether it is an unfortunate accident or a necessary surgical procedure, recovery that includes a specialized rehabilitation program is essential.  Injuries which seem small, such as a sprained ankle or bruised ribs, can impact your daily life significantly, as can surgical procedures such as having your gallbladder removed.Restoring your independence following an injury or surgery can be a long, winding road.  Our rehabilitation program is designed to assure that you regain function and restore independence, which will enable you to navigate this road successfully.At Maplewood, an important part of the injury recovery process includes specific strength and flexibility exercises to build your endurance and increase your range of motion.  The initial stage of treatment involves reducing pain and promoting healing.  Once pain and swelling are reduced, the next step is increasing mobility and flexibility, followed by strengthening. Through clear communication between you and your therapist, rehabilitation will progress from healing to regaining function and restoring your independence.

While receiving your individualized rehabilitation services, Maplewood’s nursing staff will assist you in managing your medical needs and maintaining your comfort.  Our nurses and nursing assistants are available 24 hours a day to assist you and support you on the road to recovery.

In addition to therapy services, you will have access to a wide variety of services at Maplewood.  A full service beauty salon is located within Maplewood and can keep you looking and feeling good.  Friendly and creative staff members in the Activity Department will also keep you socially active and engaged.

Following your injury or surgery, Maplewood’s home-like environment and caring, friendly staff are your partners in a successful recovery.