Our Community

Social Services

Our social services representatives specialize in assisting prospective residents and their family members with the transition to Maplewood. They will assess your loved one’s situation, explain the admission and payment process, and review the alternatives for returning home. Following admission, our social workers continue to monitor the resident’s well-being, serving as a liaison for the resident and family members. Upon discharge, they will be happy to make referrals and coordinate any follow-up care services.

Residents are offered a variety of meal choices, including “lighter fare” and specialized diet planning. We feature a spacious and comfortable dining room as well as two private dining rooms located within the rehabilitation and memory communities.

Our Registered Dietitian oversees a varied and nutritious seasonal menu, tailored to meet the individual dietary needs and honor the food preferences of each resident. Guests are always welcome to dine with residents.

A Sense of Community

Maplewood is fortunate to have a committed group of volunteers who participate in an array of activities – helping enrich resident’s lives by sharing their gift of friendship. Neighbors, friends, pastors, school children and visitors of all kinds ensure continuity of life from home to Maplewood. These relationships are an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Community members are frequently invited to entertain residents through music, magic and dance. Occasionally, pets are brought in to provide that special bond animal lovers enjoy.

Active Lifestyles

Maplewood’s staff in the Activities Department offers a wide range of programs that are designed to provide social interaction, engagement and pleasure that is vital for a positive state of mind.

Each week, large groups of residents gather for various forms of entertainment, religious services and games. Bingo, horse racing, balloon volleyball and card games are particularly popular with the residents.

Social opportunities are made available through happy hours, coffee breaks, sensory and memory groups, armchair travel, cooking and manicures. Exercise consists of stretching and range of motion movements that cater to the abilities of our residents.

One-on-one time is shared with residents who have limited mobility. When the weather cooperates, picnics and parties take place on the patio and excursions in the van are always a favorite pastime.