If you are being discharged from a hospital, short-stay rehabilitation can help “bridge the gap” between hospital and home, giving you the extra time you need to get back on your feet again.

Maplewood Sauk Prairie offers a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Our therapy team can provide a variety of treatment including rehabilitative therapy, stroke therapy and cardiac therapy.

Our therapy gym offers state of the art equipment, that when combined with our knowledgeable therapists, will have you returning home at a safe and functional level, as quickly as possible.

Our physical therapists will help you maintain or restore your mobility, while occupational therapists assist you in regaining independent living skills.  Our speech therapists focus on improving communication skills, developing appropriate diets, and maximizing cognitive abilities. Our therapists work closely with you and your care team, which includes your physician, nurses, dietician, and social workers, to develop an individualized plan to assure your quickest recovery.

In addition to comprehensive therapy services, our nurses provide respiratory services for those who may be challenged with pneumonia, lung problems, sleep apnea or shortness of breath.  As you progress through your therapies, our nursing staff will support you with your medical needs, provide you with medication monitoring, frequent physician contacts and much more, so that when you are ready to go home, you are also medically ready.

Maplewood offers a cozy rehabilitation community that consists of private rooms, each featuring a large handicap accessible bathroom. The community has its own kitchen, dining room, living room with a fireplace and an outside courtyard, making the atmosphere comfortable and home-like. In addition to all of these features, there is a large bath area, which contains a state of the art whirlpool tub, to help melt away the aches of the day.

There are many reasons that rehabilitation services are needed and Maplewood’s team is prepared to assist you on the road to recovery.