OmniStand Dynamic Balance Treatment System

How Maplewood Sauk Prairie Can Help with Balance Treatment

Maplewood Sauk Prairie now has the innovative OmniStand Dynamic Balancing System available for use. If you or your loved one is in need of balance therapy, a physical therapist can use this amazing system to safely and efficiently help you regain strength and balancing abilities.

The OmniStand Dynamic Balancing System is useful for a wide variety of conditions. Its primary use is balance treatment, which may be necessary for individuals suffering from conditions such as certain types of vertigo, vestibular loss (loss of balance due to inner ear problems) and disequilibrium. Balance treatment may also be beneficial for individuals suffering from cerebellar degeneration (degeneration of the parts of the brain controlling motion and balance) and motion sickness.

All of these conditions can be difficult to deal with, particularly since they may limit the amount of work you can do on your own. If you find that your balance disorder is affecting your daily life and your ability to care for yourself, a physical therapist may be able to help create a treatment plan using the OmniStand system. Physical therapists can often help individuals to regain balance and ranges of motion with regular treatment, and the OmniStand is a highly useful tool in this process.

Although the OmniStand is primarily used to treat balance disorders, it can also be useful for clients with a variety of other conditions. Clients who need support when standing because of muscle deterioration or recent surgeries often use the OmniStand for exercises. The OmniStand provides support while still allowing a range of motion for the client that challenges their muscles and coordination.

The OmniStand is a sturdy but nonintrusive frame that can help clients to stay upright. Depending on the goals of a specific activity, clients may hold on to the frame or be attached with a harness. The harness allows clients to move freely without the concern of falling and injuring themselves.

The biggest benefit of the OmniStand, and what makes it so revolutionary, is that it can either remain stationary, or the physical therapist can adjust it to sway by a certain amount. This sway can allow clients a wider range of motion during therapy activities so that they can gradually regain balance, strength and coordination. Previously, these types of activities required the therapist to remain close at hand in case the client began to fall. The OmniStand protects clients from dangerous falls, allowing the physical therapist more freedom to move around (for example, while throwing a ball for the client to catch) and to focus on training clients rather than providing physical support.

The OmniStand can also be adjusted to varying amounts of movement. This allows the physical therapist to gradually move the clients forward in the challenge of their activities. Initially, while clients are learning how to perform the activity or before they have gained a larger range of motion, the physical therapist may set the OmniStand to remain stationary. This provides more support for clients while they still need it. As clients begin to regain balance and health, the physical therapist can set the stand to move more. This provides a greater challenge for the client, and greater challenge means greater gains in a shorter time. When the OmniStand is set to sway with the client, the activities the physical therapist chooses can more closely mimic the movements the client would make in real life.

Our physical therapists have found that use of the OmniStand has enabled them to be better therapists for our clients because they can provide greater challenges and a wider variety of exercises for our clients who need balance therapy. It is a valuable tool in their arsenal of ways to help you or your loved one heal and return to optimal functioning.

If you or a loved one are in need of treatment from a balance disorder or other similar condition, we encourage you to contact us by phone at 608-643-3383. We’d be happy to answer questions about the OmniStand, our physical therapy services, or how we can serve your particular situation. We can also set up a tour for you, because we would love to show you around our facility and give you a chance to see the OmniStand in action. Give us a call!