Here at Maplewood of Sauk Prairie, we are proud to be a place that people in need of a reliable Prairie du Sac physical therapist can go to. For years now, our physical therapists and therapy staff have been providing help to the surrounding communities in the form of comprehensive rehabilitation services.

Our physical therapy services can be applied for a variety of situations to help people recover from persistent pain, recuperate from injuries both old and recent, regain proper functionality, improve from gait imbalance or dizziness, and generally improve on the physical activities of daily life. Also, our physical therapy team is happy to help people recover after surgical procedures.

Knee replacement and hip replacement are two of the surgical procedures that our post-recovery services are designed to handle. Surgery is just one part of knee or hip replacement; to gain the full benefits of the procedure, post-surgery rehabilitation is a must. It’s important that the patient gets adequate exercise while making sure that the involved areas do not get forced too much. The patient needs to regain strength and motion while managing the pain that can only be expected after the surgery. Scar tissue may also limit the flexibility of the new joint if proper exercise is not performed. We understand the specific needs for this situation, which is why we provide targeted physical therapy in Sauk City, WI.

At Maplewood of Sauk Prairie, our physical therapists and staff have the experience, skills, and training that enable them to manage rehabilitation for a wide array of situations, including the physical therapy needed for post-knee or hip replacement surgery. With proper guidance and motivation, the patient can be assured to reap the good fruits of their surgery.

In order to make sure that the physical therapy plan is appropriate and carefully tailored to the needs of each patient, we work closely with the respective surgeon who handled the procedure. We make it a point to maintain ongoing communication between the therapist and the surgeon to pave the patient’s smooth road to recovery.

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