Sauk City, Wisconsin (May 3, 2013) – Maplewood of Sauk Prairie, a trusted nursing facility in the local community, is offering the use of LiteGait® equipment in rehabilitation procedures to smoothly facilitate Partial Weight Bearing Gait Therapy. By using the equipment, a Sauk Prairie physical therapist is free to correct the posture, balance, and coordination of patients while they walk.

Musculoskeletal disorders and problems with the central nervous system among seniors may affect their ability to ambulate. These problems may be caused by Parkinson’s Disease, a cerebral vascular accident or stroke, and joint pain in the lower extremities, among other reasons. Consequently, seniors form gait deficits, which limit their ability to walk in normal patterns.

As a gait training device, LiteGait® simultaneously controls the posture, balance, and weight bearing of a patient over ground or over a treadmill. In achieving the proper gait posture, a portion of the patient’s weight is transferred from the legs to the groin and lower stomach area. This is made possible by placing patients within a suspension mechanism, enabling them to walk in an upright position while maximizing their comfort.

Because of the support on the patient’s weight, a Sauk City physical therapist is able to train the gait in fall-free conditions and establish a constant rhythm of movement using the treadmill. Likewise, the therapist is free to facilitate tension on the patient’s hip flexor. During this process, the patient will gradually avoid excessive rotation and differentiate between the control of the right and left side.

With the help of LiteGait®, the patient will form or improve their pattern of movement. In order to reproduce normal walking conditions, the weight support is decreased and the speed of the treadmill is increased little by little. For patients who are severely involved, the treadmill is eliminated so their legs can be moved manually. This way, they find the proper gait pattern at their own pace.

Maplewood of Sauk Prairie offers comprehensive rehabilitation services, including orthopedic, stroke, cardiac, and pulmonary treatment. Similarly, the facility also provides wound and injury care for sensitive seniors. For more information, visit

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Maplewood has been committed to accommodating the needs of the aging population since 1971. Providing a wide range of medical and relevant services for seniors, their campus features a nurturing environment that continually stimulates residents and improves their quality of life. As a locally-owned health and rehabilitation center, they operate under the philosophy of putting residents first, stressing the dignity, self-worth and individuality of each of their patients.

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