Maplewood, Sauk City, WI Recognizes Cataract Awareness Month In June

Cataract Awareness during the month of June is recognized by Maplewood, Sauk City, WI.  The world’s leading cause of blindness is cataracts.  It is a very common eye condition so knowing the facts is essential.

Two parts of the eye affected by cataracts are the lens, which is the eye’s natural lens behind the iris and the pupil which consists of protein and water.  Through time and age, when the protein clusters together, it can create a cataract.  Vision is affected by a cataract in two ways:  by making objects appear blurry or by adding a tint of brown color to your vision.  This discoloration of the lens makes blue and purple tones hard to distinguish.

In the beginning, cataracts may be unnoticeable, but through time and growth of the cataract, vision worsens.  Symptoms of cataracts include light sensitivity and poor night vision.

Age is a contributing factor in developing cataracts; however, some other factors include injury to the eye, high blood pressure, diabetes, intense exposure to sunlight and family genetics.

During cataract surgery, the lens is replaced with an artificial lens.  It is an effective treatment and the most frequently performed surgery in the United States.  Glasses, good indoor lighting and glare-resistant sunglasses can help the early symptoms and allow a person with cataracts to see better.