October starts preparation for Maplewood's annual Bazaar which is held the first weekend in December.  Early preparations in crafting include making bath salts, seeded-peanut butter pine cones for the birds and hand made decorations.  As December draws nearer, homemade candies, cookies and breads are stirred up to be sold at the Bazaar.  The monies collected from this event are used according to the resident's wishes.

To the residents, an important use of the money is the ability to give back to the community.  This year a significant donation was given to "The Children's Wish Foundation" which is an organization that grants a wish to a child with a life threatening medical condition.  The wish could be a special toy, to visit a faraway location or a hug to a beloved celebrity.

"Being able to help another person out, especially a child, hits a soft spot with me," states resident, Robert Slotty.  "I can only imagine the smile on the little girl's face as she experiences on of their dreams.  That memory alone can make the tough times she's going through bearable.  I'm thankful the money made from the Bazaar allows me to "pay it forward" to someone else.  It's a good Feeling."

About Paul Fiscus

Paul Fiscus is the director of Maplewood of Sauk Prairie.