Take advantage of warm weather

Whether you can get around independently or need assistance with a walker or wheel chair, you still can enjoy the joys of a spring day.   Break free from the chains of winter and go outside for a breath of fresh air and sunshine.  A direct benefit of sunshine is Vitamin D, which is necessary for the brain, bones and muscle function.  Using sunlight as a source of vitamin D, also has been found to improve cognitive function.  It is also beneficial to get outside and meet others including adults, children and pets.  A simple change in scenery can rejuvenate anyone, but it is especially beneficial for the elderly.

It is important to be aware of temperature.  As it increases, it is extremely important to stay hydrated.  Dehydration at any time of the year can affect muscle function, blood pressure, which can lead to a dangerous situation.

Suggested things to do:

  1. Attend sporting events.  It is extra special when it’s your grandchild you are watching, yet it’s rewarding to watch local children playing soccer, baseball, swim meets, etc.
  2. Go fishing.  Many piers are wheelchair accessible.
  3. Take a walk.  Go a short distance and turn around and head back.
  4. Watch birds.  Install a bird house, bird feeder or bird bath outside to attract birds.  It is relaxing and enjoyable seeing the variety of birds you can attract and try to identify them.
  5. Fly a kite.  Children will be excited to help and you will know they are enjoying it as you hear laughter and see ear-to-ear grins.  They will have fun to get the kite in the air and others will also enjoy watching it.
  6. Eat a picnic lunch at a park or playground.  Elderly people enjoy watching children and take delight in all their busy activities.
  7. Participate in community events.
  8. Enjoy summer holidays.  Fireworks and parades bring out the kid in all of us.
  9. Sit by a pool or lake.  Simply putting your feet in the water is always relaxing.

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