As people grow older, they find that they are not quite as agile, flexible or strong as they used to be. However, to maintain their health, seniors still need to keep an active lifestyle. They can’t do that if their body’s functionality is impaired. Physical therapy in Waunakee, WI and nearby areas helps seniors regain or improve their balance, strength and flexibility so they can continue living healthy, independent lives. Here’s how physical therapists can help elderly loved ones overcome the challenges of aging.

Pain Management

Sedentary lifestyles among seniors can lead to pain due to the stiffening of the joints. Physical therapy can help increase mobility to reduce pain especially after surgery or hospitalization. A study in Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine states that physical therapy combined with occupational therapy can bring pain relief to patients with osteoarthritis. Since taking multiple medications a day is a huge problem with seniors, physical therapy can be an alternative to taking pain medications and other drugs. Seniors who are not ideal candidates for surgery can also improve instability caused by osteoarthritis.

Bladder Control

Most seniors, especially women, will encounter urinary incontinence at some point. Stress may be a huge contributor to loss of bladder control but the strength of the muscles that support the bladder plays a bigger role. Muscles normally weaken as people age, and to restore the lost strength, seniors can turn to physical therapy. Pelvic floor exercises can fine tune the muscles to provide better support to the bladder and eliminate the problem of incontinence.

Fall Prevention

Falls are among the biggest causes of injuries among seniors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about a third of the population of older adults each year are expected to suffer from a fall. The largest concern here is that seniors undergo physical therapy only after they’ve sustained injuries resulting from a fall.

The correct approach is to prevent falls using physical therapy. Physical therapy in Lodi, WI can help the elderly improve postural control and lower limb strength, thereby enhancing their balance to avoid any accidents.

Physical therapy should be a standard part of treatment plans for people over the age of 60. Therapists from healthcare campuses for seniors like Maplewood of Sauk Prairie can improve quality of life for your elderly loved ones.


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