cardiac rehabilitationThey say that home is where the heart is. But, what happens if you have health issues due to heart or vascular problem. Occasionally, a heart may need some care including strengthening or rehabilitation.

Although your heart is a powerful muscular structure in the body, there are times when you may require some medical assistance after weakening of the heart or after you’ve undergone a procedure.

The vascular system, or the blood vessel system, throughout the body is also a system that may require medical attention should there become a problem with it.

While most correlate the heart with a heart attack, there are other conditions that may occur which require treatment or rehabilitation.

  • Heart Attack – When heart muscle is damaged or destroyed, typically due to a blood flow interruption
  • Congestive Heart Failure – When the heart can no longer pump the amount of blood needed by the body, usually caused by weakening of the heart
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease – When narrowing of the arteries prevents normal blood supply to the limbs

In addition, medical care may be needed for recovery after a heart procedure that was performed. This may consist of heart bypass surgery, angioplasty or a heart valve replacement.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Team at Maplewood of Sauk Prairie

When you require cardiac rehabilitation services, our skilled team at Maplewood of Sauk Prairie can help. Our therapists and nursing staff can work with your medical providers to ensure that you receive the best cardiac or vascular treatment possible for your recovery.

We’ll communicate with your doctors and create an individualized rehabilitation program for you. We’ll evaluate your ability level and work within your restrictions to strengthen you and restore you back to a healthy and active lifestyle.

There is an increase of baby boomers coming of the age where they are experiencing challenges in both their physical and mental capacity.

Physcial Challenges

Driving can be a challenge for any of us; especially in one’s advanced years.  Those who have looked forward to retirement and being able to do things they have not had the time to do when they were working or raising children can make their dreams become a reality.  Yet, with the ability to do these things, there are new challenges such as a decline in vision, slower reflexes and decrease in depth perception.  Medications can also affect driving skills.  To aid senior mobility consider: driving during off-peak hours, taking a senior driving education course or using alternative transportation such as a taxi, bus or subway.

Other physical challenges include: medical complications, confinement to a bed or wheelchair and the need for assistance or requiring 24-hour care.  Finding a support system is important to reduce or eliminate depression or the general feeling of being a burden.  It is important to find a way to keep one’s life enriched so there is a sense of purpose.  A support system may come from family members or it can come from a group that corresponds with a specific disability.

Mental Challenges

Depression and dementia are prevelant in seniors 65 years old or greater.  These conditions may be a result of a disease, illness or a life change such as a loss of a  friend or family member.  Without medication and counseling, suicide is not uncommon in senior citizens.  They are often reluctant to talk to their doctor about how they are feeling, yet need to.

Maplewood of Sauk Prairie is a skilled center located in Sauk City, WI that offers rehabilitation, long-term care and memory care.  Skill professionals are readily available to help with both physical and mental challenges.  85% of those utilizing Maplewood of Sauk Prairie’s services for the purpose of rehabilitation are able to go home after treatment.