Nate and Tonya Yngsdal are known to brighten the world for many people.  They understand the value in making a person feel special.

The Yngsdals recently assisted the Madison Coummunity Youth Group with their mission to help the homeless.  Armed with a box of items to keep a person warm, a nutritious meal and over-the-counter medical supplies donated by their employer, Maplewood of Sauk Prairie, they were able to make a difference with the forgotten few who do not have a house to call home.

At Cement Park, located on State Street, a table was set up and a spaghetti meal was served from Nescos.  Those in need were able to get a warm meal and take a "snack bag" that was filled with a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich, string cheese, grapes and a cookie.  Other items to ward off the cold were offered such as blankets, hats, gloves and coats.

They found out the importance of ibuprofen – to ease muscles aches after sleeping on a cement bench, Chapstick – to protect lips from cracks caused by the coled and back packs – to allow a person to blend in.  With a back pack to hold wordly posssessions, one can simply be a person riding the bus to get somewhere, rather than someone needing to stay warm.

After working with the homeless, Nate said it was a reality check and he appreciates everything a lot more.  He has seen how an illness or loss of a job can change a person's life.  He knows he is among the fortunate who has a warm home, food in the refrigerator and many othe modern conveniences to go home to.

About Paul Fiscus

Paul Fiscus is the director of Maplewood of Sauk Prairie.