Assisted Living: How to Properly Care for Senior Citizens and Their Needs

As the years start to progress, one thing becomes inevitable: the ones that we love and care about will require outside care to maintain their quality of life. This is when senior care is extremely significant. Rather it’s your parents, grandparents, in-laws or a significant other, medical assistance in even the most mundane scenarios becomes a daily occurrence and renders many of us feeling incapable. If you’re in this position, or you’re preparing for the upcoming years, this article will shed light on how to provide care for aging seniors and leave them living their best life!

Customize and Friendly Help

Regardless of the facility that you choose to contact, leaving your loved one in the helping hands of those that are friendly, understanding and professional is a must. According to interesting statistics released by Senior Living, there are over 47-million seniors living within the United States alone. With numbers like this, it’s critical that families and friends use facilities that are trained to deal with your loved one’s particular ailments. Here is a brief list of questions to ponder when screening for potential services to use:

  • Does the facility encourage an interactive community?

  • Are the staff trained and ready to deal with patients that require further assistance like Dementia and immobility?

  • Does the service cost reflect the level of care and comfort the patient will receive?

  • Can couples (husband and wife) be placed together in the facility? If so, what are the limitations?

  • Do you have a personal connection with the staff and professionals located at the facility?

Although these questions may seem burdensome or not important, they’re essential for providing the best experience possible for your loved one.

Life Is Not Over!

Another topic to keep in mind when researching an assisted-living facility is that of letting your loved one live their life on their own terms. Having a purpose-driven lifestyle that is full of adventure that allows your loved one to wake up each morning with hope is essential. Visiting these facilities and understanding their workflow and how they deal with certain patients is vital in the selection process.

Although there will be certain instances where the patient will require outside help and assistance — bathing, changing clothes, moving long distances, feeding themselves, medication distribution, etc. — it should be noted that each patient journeys down their own path. Promoting a feeling of individuality and independence while still receiving the help they need is, without a doubt, the most important aspect for a senior citizen.

Is This Your Answer?

The bottom line is that your loved one’s life is about to change, but it doesn’t have to put a negative burden on your shoulders. By researching various facilities and making a checklist of certain standards that must be met is the best way to move forward. No one wants to put their relatives or romantic partner in a situation where their quality of life isn’t of the highest standard — why settle? Use the information above as your road map to a destination filled with independence and peace of mind. Reach out to us today and see what the future holds in store for you! The experience of assisted living can be rewarding in more ways than you can imagine


As our elder loved ones age symptoms may present themselves that point to the need for senior care. It’s important that you remain observant so any concerning signs or behaviors do not go unnoticed: You want your family to be as happy and healthy as possible and for some seniors that means additional care may be required. You have to remember though that most seniors want to live out their lives at home and the topic of moving them into a senior care facility may be a touchy one! The good news is though that mildest to moderate concerns may frequently be remedied without the need to move your loved one out of their home!

To help you provide the best quality of life for your elder family member, we’ve detailed a few signs and symptoms that may be cause for additional senior care:

Signs To Watch For

Chronic Medical Conditions

As we age, the chances of a chronic medical condition such as heart disease or Alzheimer’s developing increases. Those that suffer from such medical conditions will often need increased medical care as they age and may not be in a position to provide the appropriate care for themselves that they require. If you notice any medical condition getting out of hand, or found that they may have fallen and had issues getting themselves up then their solitary lifestyle may need to come to an end. As disheartening as this may sound to them, it is for the best.

Issues Managing Money

Many of us as we grow older end up less than capable of taking care of all the financial responsibilities that we’ve taken on over the years. Insurance renewals and bills may start to pile up due to forgetfulness, a lack of motivation to pay them, or a lack of money to do so. It’s not uncommon for seniors to fall victim of scammers and if they happened to develop a disease such as dementia then their ability to deal with the complexities of paying bills and taxes may have alluded them. If you notice any of this occurring then consider taking over the management of their finances or seeking out additional care.

Living In Isolation

Isolation isn’t good for anyone, but it is especially problematic when it comes to our elders. With more than 11 million seniors living alone, isolation is a leading factor in seniors’ health declining. Potential issues that can arise as a result of isolation include addiction, depression, and even death! If your senior family member is living alone and you find that they aren’t going out and spending any time with friends then consider stopping in for visits more frequently or if that is not an option, then it may be time to seek out additional care.

Unkempt Living Space

If you notice that your senior loved one’s lawn and house seem to be in decline, with little care taken to their preservation, then it may be a sign that they are no longer able to physically take care of these things. Depression may also cause this so don’t dismiss this if you feel they’re still able-bodied; It is still a problem. If this is the only sign you’ve noticed so far, consider options other than taking them out of their home such as hiring a landscaper, a housekeeper, or an in-home caregiver to help with the daily upkeep around the house.


In order to ensure our loved ones are living their lives to the fullest, as they age we must remain vigilant in order to notice any signs of decline that would illicit senior care. Getting the help you and your loved needs early will ensure that they live as comfortably and healthily as possible! If any of these signs present themselves, consider Maplewood of Sauk Prairie for your chosen senior care facility. Making the decision to utilize senior care is not something to take lightly, and you know your loved ones better than anyone else, so keep an eye on them and use your best judgment!