As a recap to freshen driving skills keep these 10 vision tips in mind for a safe journey: 

1. Keep your eyeglass prescription up-to-date, and to wear them during your daytime or nighttime driving.

2. When driving in sunlight, wear your prescription sunglasses or good quality sunglasses. Avoid buying cars with tinted windows, they may hamper your vision night or on an overcast day.

3. Move your eyes frequently from the road checking rearview and side mirrors, as well as the instrument panel while you are driving. By turning your head with your eyes, this will help you to see any activity on the sides of your car.

4. When choosing eyeglasses or sunglasses avoid wide rims and brackets that may block or distract you.  Instead choose frames with narrow side pieces at the temples.

5. Adjust the seat so you can see the road, not just the dashboard. If your seat can’t be adjusted use a pillow or some other type of support to properly position you.

6. Remember to wash both the inside and outside of the windows and windshield; also make sure your mirrors, headlights and taillights are clean and working.

7. If you have difficulty seeing in low-light situations, avoid driving at night and in bad weather.

8. Never wear tinted glasses or sunglasses at dusk or at night.

9. If driving conditions seem difficult, minimize your distractions by turning off the radio, avoiding discussions with passengers and refraining from cell phone use. Keep the temperature inside the car comfortable.

10. As with any age:  Do not drink and drive.   Always wear your seat belt. Check your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications that could affect your driving vision and alertness.

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