There is a special kind of joy a pet can bring to your life.  Studies have shown that  interacting with animals improves health and longevity.  These studies show both psychological and physiological benefits of pet therapy, especially to the senior population.

Interacting with animals decreases blood pressure, encourages exercise and reduces anxiety and depression.   Dogs and cats are pets that are know to bring joy; however, birds, fish and other small pets also reduce loneliness and encourage healthy behaviors.

A study at Purdue University determined that Alzheimer’s patients eat more nutritious foods when aquariums were added to their dining room.  Italian research found an increased quality of life and fewer cases of depression among seniors who had been around canaries as opposed to those who had no pets.

Laughter is also something you should do to reduce blood pressure.  Being able to enjoy and laugh about the little things a pet does is therapeutic.

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