Holiday Gifts Ideas for Residents:  Think small, sentimental or inexpensive…

Time is the best gift you can give.  Your visit doesn’t need to be long. The resident needs to feel loved.

Small photo album… revolving around family. Don’t forget to label who each person is in the picture.

Put money into their accounts so they can buy snacks from vending machines if they are craving something.

Hair gift certificates.  Residents can get their hair cut or styled at Maplewood.  Put money into his/her account, then give them a card letting them know a hair cut or style is waiting for them.

Life sized baby dolls and stuffed animals, especially with accessories such as outfits and baby bottles.  (These can be purchased at thrift stores.)

Books.  Large print is often appreciated.

Digital picture frame.  Fill it with pictures of family.  Don’t be afraid to use old photos.


Assortment of greeting cards.  Include a book of stamps.  Offer to help write a special note and address envelopes.

Mail them something.  Everyone loves to get mail.  Send a quick note.


Make brag books of their children, grandchildren, etc. that they can show other residents & staff.

Make a family calendar marking special days.

Fresh flowers or plants… then don’t need to be expensive arrangements.  They can be wildflowers in any container.

Lip balm, hand cream, nail polish or hair clips.




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